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2020 May: scholarships were distributed
2019 October: archivists worked in the archive
2019 September: 2019 annual member meeting
2019 July: scholarships awarded
2018 December: volunteers at the ALKA museum
2018 September: 2018 Annual LCAS member meeting
2018 August: Scholarship to history/poli-sci student
2018 summer: Volunteers in the library
2017 October: lcas member meeting
2017 October: Archivists work at ALKA
2017 October: Scholarship to Medical Student
2017 February: LCAS member Skrupskelytė honored
2016 August: Volunteers at ALKA
2016 July: Scholarships awarded
2016 January: new york consulate archives shipped to Lithuania   
2015 October: work on balf archive completed   
2015 August: lcas member meeting   
2015 July: Dr. Kriaučiūnas scholarships distributed   
2014 July: Dr. Kriaučiūnas scholarships distributed   
2014 June: archivists from Lithuania work on BALF archives
2014 May: US LCAS meeting
2013 August: Dr. Kriaučiūnas scholarships distributed
september 2013: archivist organizes and documents Marijošius archive
may 2013: balys archive finds new home in vilnius
april 2013: vlik archive headed for lithuanian state archives
december 2012: the library team
november 2012: the lcas conference
october 2012: ethnologist researches ALKA archives
june 2012: scholarships awarded
may 2012: dr. darius kučinskas researched ALKA archives
november 2011: the lcas conference
october, 2011: mindaugas šapoka worked on ALKA archives
october, 2011: prof. danutė petrauskaitė worked on ALKA archives
july, 2011: artist danguolė stončiūtė-kuolienė and her husband Almis help in preservation of artistic legacy
june, 2011: dr. kriaučiūnas fund scholarships distributed
2010 lapkritis: americans visit alka
october 2010: dr. mikelaitis researches father yla archive          
september 2010: a historian and a collector visit alka
july-august 2010: researchers at alka
may 2010: lcas conference